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‘Replacement’ is not something you want to go through with anything, and the reason is that you do not really want to deal with the process it takes. Or with the idea of getting a new one after you have grown attached to the one thing you are having problems with. However, certain things are inevitable and you will just have to put your best face and focus on getting the same or something better next.

When we keep ‘replacement’ in mind and take it to the sewage industry, you will understand even more what we are talking about. Getting rid of anything to put a new one is always a lot of work when it is for a  sewage system, either a septic tank or sewer line. It takes a lot of time and the right safety measures to get anything in this field or industry, done. And replacing a part of a system is just the epitome of it.

Now, if you are having problems with your sewer line—in this case—and repairs or maintenance are not working, you will just have to resort to this option. A failed sewer line will always bring problems to the entire property because, how can you use your toilets, sinks, and any other part connected to this system without actually it being functional? Simple, you can’t. Many property owners believe that septic tanks are the usual system that give many problems and a lot of headaches.

But when you compare the need of replacing a septic tank with a sewer line, you understand you were wrong all this time. Sewer lines are expensive and you really do not want to mess up anything related to them. Some repairs and a few maintenance services will not hurt you. But when you transport yourself into a large-scale project like replacing one, you will have to spend many more hundreds of dollars in the process.

More than the money itself, it is also a project that takes quite some time depending on the damage and number of pipes you have to replace. After all, the whole system is not only conformed of 2 or 3 lines but several ones or the main sewer lines divided into different areas. Therefore, what can you do to avoid this? Probably pay more attention to the waste that goes through your drains and makes sure to inspect for repairs every once in a while. But if you were unable to avoid the service due to damage from unknown sources or specific situations that lead you to it, just make sure to leave this process to professionals.

We at Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands can help you with all your needs when it comes to septic systems and sewer lines. And this includes replacing the second one for sure. Our team has experience in this service due to the number of people that have contacted us during the last decade. You would be surprised by how many property owners need to replace a sewer line in Texas. Either because it was damage to internal or external pressure, or because they were careless about it for a while and did not perform some repairs when needed.

Now, why would you leave this task to a professional? Well, we can return this with another question—if it is indeed what you are thinking—and ask: do you know how to replace it in the first place? We doubt it.

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Why you should not replace sewer lines on your own and what it takes to do it

Dealing with sewage problems, in general, is something you should never do if you do not have experience and training in the field. Many people end up worsening the situation and spend more money, time, and effort in dealing with the rest. Why would you decide to do this alone when you can easily spend the same compared to if you were doing it without professionals?

Yes, you will spend the same amount of money if this is what worried you so far. The reason is that you will have to acquire all the required equipment, the new sewer line, and spend time carrying out the process. And you will take days to do it and even put yourself at risk. There is no need for such things when you have a reliable, affordable, and experienced company like us near you.

We understand you are worried about being able to access the desired and needed services. After all, who isn’t? Especially when it comes to such important things as your sewer line. However, there is no need to worry. With that clear, you must know that replacing the sewer line will not be easy nor fast. We will need to inspect the entire system to determine and find all the damage and know if the main area that needs replacement did not bring more problems to the rest.

When this is done, we will have to dig a trench to inspect the line we will work with and know if a replacement is completely necessary. If it is, our team will proceed to close everything, stop the drains, and make sure to remove everything carefully to prevent more damage to the sewer. Is the old or damaged line removed? Perfect! We just have to place the new one. This process can take longer depending on how the removing process goes since it is the most difficult part of the entire service.

But our team will surely handle it just fine and without any issues. After all, we will take all the safety measures necessary. Like placing trench shields to prevent the walls from collapsing and follow all the regulations according to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Depending on the size of your line and the nature of the damage, we might take more time. But rest assured that at Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, we will do our best to have this done in no time.

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