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Before we start with the main topic, there are a few things we have to make clear. First, there is a very old myth about septic systems being the last thing you want in your properties since they smell, do not treat the waste properly, and give problems one after another. But is this actually true? Well, septic systems are the best you can have in both residential and commercial properties mostly when you are dealing with a lot of waste.

The reason why there are so many rumors and wrong ideas about them is that people do not pay enough attention to them. Usually, you do not worry about the public sewage system on your property since it is mostly handled by the state. Unless you have a problem with the specific pipe or piece installed in your terrain. When it comes to septic tanks, it is more about dealing with everything by yourself.

The question after knowing this, is it worth it? If you want to have better control over your waste, the maintenance, and how much you invest and obtain in the long run then, yes, it is. We suggest you to stop being afraid of them and go for the option of installing one as long as you can find a reliable company for it. With that clear, we have to add that septic is not a perfect system.

There is always something that can happen and either a replacement or repair will be needed. In both cases, you just have to face it with your best humor and start looking for solutions. We are aware that not many people want to deal with repairs and some problems related to the sewage system due to how difficult it tends to be for both septic systems and sewer lines. But if you made up your mind about installing a tank or you already have one, the best you can do is to learn more about the things you might need in the future. 

Based on this, are septic repairs difficult to handle? The word ‘difficult’ is something that can be used in very specific situations and this is not one of them. The main reason for this is because repairing septic is something that should be done by a professional all the time regardless of the magnitude of the damage and the required attention. If you do not want to face more problems and go over the entire process again, you should just take your time to get it done with a real expert. 

Besides, repairing a septic system is not only about dealing with the tank but possibly with the pumps, pipes, and more parts that complete it. Therefore, it is impossible for you to do it on your own if this what you were thinking unless you indeed want to use the word ‘difficult’ to describe this service. Now, in what company can you trust? Many sewage businesses in Texas can deliver certain results and help you with very specific repairs like dealing with a broken pipe. 

But if you are looking for qualified experts that will deliver all the solutions you need and always guarantee top results, you should contact us at Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands. We are a top company in not only the industry but also the entire state where you can access all the services required for your septic system. We are complete about what a property owner might need or do not even know that will be required yet. And repairs are not the exception to this. 

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When will you need to perform a repair?

It is not something you just decide, and we doubt that if you could have this power you would allow your septic to go through one. But answering the question, you will need it in several situations. It all depends on the damage to the septic or its specific condition. The most common problem lies in broken pipes—which is why we might mention them a lot without noticing or on purpose—since the internal and external pressure is hard to control and can cause damage to this part.

Also, other elements such as the solid waste that goes through them can influence the continuous damage that leads to needing a repair. But what about others? Is there something more complicated you should try to avoid at all costs? Preventing the damage to your septic is possible and what you should always aim for. But avoiding certain repairs will be hard most of the time.

With that, let’s focus on the last question: yes, there is more. Since the septic system consists of pipes, the tank, pump, and other additions or elements, you might need to repair one in specific. One of the repairs we have been handling during the last few years is related to the drain field. Most of the problems that appear in this part in specific are due to poor maintenance and cleaning of the tank. After all, your drain field only processes and treats the wastewater that comes from your drains and the tank.

If you let your tank get full or have many solid materials obstructing the outlet and other areas, you will end up with a problematic issue in your hands. Also, if too much wastewater has been flushed into the drain field, that means it will be constantly saturated, causing the water to go to the ground, flood the entire area, and cause odor and the appearance of bacteria and fungus. Other problems like the failures in the pumps, damage in the septic tank, and more, can be handled by our team.

There is nothing we cannot do and if you are wondering how we handle the previous examples as well as the rest of the repairs, it is simple: we have the experience, equipment, and well-trained experts for it. Just make sure to contact us, Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, and we will be there dealing with your septic repairs without any delay.

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