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Are you trying to get something for your event or construction project? What is it in specific? We know that the list of things to have is quite long due to all the plans and tasks you have to take care of and elements to add to the place in order to get everything in check. However, we are sure that so far, you are missing something very important or you probably think that the ones available in the place are enough. What are we talking about?

About restrooms and nothing else. When you are planning an event you always have to make sure it has enough bathrooms for everyone to go and cover their needs. But what happens when there are not enough for the number of guests or people that will attend? Also, how can you handle the same problem when it is about constructions that are taking place and something like a bathroom is yet to be installed and finished? Well, many people wouldn’t care less about the event one since many decide to just leave it at that and make people be in a long queue for several minutes.

However, if you want your party and meeting to go well or make sure everyone is happy at the business event you are having, you might want to add more restrooms. In this case, portable toilets will be your life saviors and unlike what you might think, they can look much better than the ones you see online. Most porta-potties are indeed used during outdoor events and constructions due to their basic structure and how they work. But you can have a few ones placed outside when the event is taking place in a closed area.

What we can tell you is: we know you can figure out something. Or you can have the company from whom you are renting them to help you with the entire process. At Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, we can help you by not only renting you the porta potties but also making sure you get them placed in the right area. For outdoor events, it is going to be simple since we will go according to your organization or assist you to determine which one is the best location. 

In the case of indoor ones, we can do something about it by installing a very discrete design that can blend well with the whole theme. You have more options available than you think and this is what many people do not know. As a result, they end up giving up the idea of renting them for being afraid of the aesthetical result. Also, did you know that you can add more services and features? Indeed, portable restrooms are there to meet a function and nothing else. 

But if you are trying to have a classy and elegant event that can be compromised for the restrooms you have disposed of for the guests; you can ask us to work with them. Our team will deliver personalized attention and assistance in the rooms for all the guests and make sure everyone is satisfied with space. So far, it can be a bit confusing since you must be looking for the simple and usual porta-potties. If you are, rest assured that we have them available.

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How do you know how many you need?

This is the question you should ask yourself all the time: how many units do you need? After all, you do not want to run short in restrooms nor rent more than necessary and spend more money without having to. For most people, it is hard to determine how many are required but here we will give you a hint about it—and even more than just a small clue. Every portable toilet offers 200 usages, which means that regardless of the one you rent, you get the same number of times.

Based on this, you will have to determine how many people can use it for a specific period of time and consider two things:

  • If they are drinking and eating a lot.
  • If it is possible to have more guests and people in the place while time goes by.

Let’s suppose you are about to be the host of a party with around 500 people and it will last for 5 to 6 hours. Our recommendation would be to have 1 unit for every 50 guests. Some people will say that 1 every 75 people is enough but we consider that it is important to cover an average that considers the number of times people can need the restroom. Therefore, you will need 10 toilets in the previous example.

But if the place where the party is being held already has a bathroom for each gender, you can reduce the units to 8 or 7. It is about playing with your options and getting an estimate of what you need. As for situations like constructions, it will entirely depend on the number of people involved in it. Most people who are carrying out a project like this rent around 1 to 3 units.

We are sure that if you have a home construction planned or something similar—of a standard size—you can manage with one only. But if you need more, our company Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands will make sure to provide them even when you already rented one. Also, keep in mind that going for our porta potty rental service means you will have all the units you get from us installed and picked up. You do not have to worry about how you are going to get them placed nor how you will dispose of everything once you are finished.

Just let us know how many you need, for how long, and where. Our team will be there to leave everything ready and allow you to get your event or construction started.

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