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Why is it so hard to keep your septic system clean all the time? Also, do you think you have this kind of problem with your septic tank only? We don’t think so. Sewer lines can also give a hard time when it comes to keeping them clean and making sure there are no hazards to your health and the environment in your property. For this, it is necessary to perform different services over the years that will work as the required maintenance for both sewage systems.

Now, more than performing services every once in a while, or very often, it is about prevention. At Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, we strongly believe people should focus on installing extra elements to ensure the performance and functionality of their systems instead of dealing with several problems later on. It is not only easier and simpler but also cheaper and you can just relax a bit more when it is about maintaining your sewage system.

But what additions can you install? It is not like there are hundreds or even dozens of them, but you indeed have options from where you can choose. As a result, you might get a bit confused about which ones are the best, what you need, and how you can get it placed. Now, here we have a recommendation for a very common problem in commercial—but also residential—properties: what about a grease trap?

Most restaurants and large properties have problems with grease, oil, and fats in the system due to all the organic and solid waste handled. We do not have to mention why it is necessary for a restaurant since you can picture the need for it due to all the oil and grease that goes through the drains and sewer lines or to the septic tank. Most property owners believe that grease is not actually a problem since it is mixed with water—most of the time. But did you know it is the most inconvenient waste among all the types you can deal with? Excluding hair, probably. 

Even when most greases will go through the system and will not cause you any problems, it is common for it to buildup and starts acting as a clog in the drains and sewer. As a result, you always have to unclog the drains and even deal with some sewer line or septic tank cleaning more often than necessary. A grease trap can catch all that waste and save you the time and problems it can cause to not only your system but also property in general. After all, when you have waste accumulated in the drains it is normal to have an odor in the property and even start facing a large variety of bacteria and fungi. 

Now, grease traps can also provoke this if you do not take the time to clean them periodically. It may sound like something annoying to perform every month or during specific times, but it will save you so much time overall and money as well, that you will d it voluntarily. With that being said, do you already have one installed? Are you thinking about getting one placed? Our company, Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, can not only get it installed but also help you with the most important part: clean and pump it. 

We will make sure that it is in perfect shape and completely free of grease periodically to guarantee that your property does not have unpleasant smells, you do not face problems with your system, and you can continue enjoying without any problems. Our experts are more than capable of doing this and there are a few methods we like to implement to ensure the best results.

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How to pump and clean grease traps

Since grease and oil are things that take time to solidify although they are accumulating in one place, we have to make sure to speed up this process. Our most common method to clean the traps is by applying substances that will solidify the grease and waste, which will allow us to scrap later on at the bottom of the trap, the sides, and ensure there is no single sign of waste left. This process does not take too much time but if we decide to do it without all the process of the substance, it may either get more or fewer hours.

The method will use is going to depend on the level of waste in the traps, when was the last time it was cleaned and pumped, and the condition of the grease accumulated. Sometimes, it is a bit harder to deal with all the oil and fat in the trap, which makes us delay our results and put more effort into more hours. We are not complaining, but we want you to know that if you truly are interested in not only having the trap but also guaranteeing it works well and does not give you problems, always contact us for regular cleaning.

This will save you a lot of inconveniences and ensure that your sewage system is completely free of this type of waste. With that being said, what are the steps of getting this service done?

  • We will remove the lid of the trap and put a tool inside to determine the level of waste and grease.
  • Our team will either apply the substance or start scrapping to remove all the grease and clean the trap. If we apply the chemical, we have to way a few hours or till the next day to start removing everything.
  • We will clean it properly with water, apply some antibacterial chemicals, and make sure it is free of fungus and other hazards for the time being.
  • Finally, the trap will be left as it was initially in terms of aesthetics and installation.

As you can see, we are able to handle this perfectly. You will not have to worry about anything but rather just contacting us to get it done in no time.

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