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Dealing with clogged drains is always a huge headache because they can be more problematic than anyone would believe. To begin with, they are not only a problem to continue using your sinks, tubs, showers, or toilets as usual. They can also be a hazard to your health due to all the bacteria and fungus that accumulates when the waste does not travel to the septic system or main sewer line. After all, do you have an idea of all the things that can be clogging your drains? We can start by mentioning hair, grease, and food, and we are sure you can get a clear idea.

Therefore, the last thing you want for your property, especially a residential one, is to deal with all the hazards that come with them. But how can you handle this? And why you shouldn’t wait a bit longer until there is nothing else to do? It is as simple as getting your drains cleaned. You might be familiar with this process by using a plunger in the area that is affected by the stubborn blockages. And it is the right thing to do when you know the problem is not too recent or it seems to work after trying for a bit.

But what if it does not work? What can you do to get this done if the usual plunger did not result? Nowadays, the option of using chemicals is quite popular among homeowners since they are easy to find in the stores. The problem with this method is that it does not always work either and it can usually damage your pipes and drains. The corrosion from the chemicals is even more common than the clogged drains, and they can cause more inconveniences like repairing or replacing them.

You want to avoid this at all costs, which is why here is a recommendation: If the plunger does not work, you can try chemicals once or twice in your drains but from here onwards, make sure to get professionals to deal with the issue. Otherwise, you will make it worse and spend hours and a lot of money trying to solve it by yourself. What professionals are qualified to get this done?

Usually, most sewage companies should have trained and experienced experts to perform this service. However, you would be surprised by the number of problems that come from poor service when trying to unclog a drain. Therefore, it is not something you can entrust to anyone near your property or when looking for a company to do it for you. If you are located in Texas, you can count on us at Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands.

Our company not only knows what is doing due to the time it has been in business but also the time and money invested in acquiring the right equipment and training our experts. We want to make sure everything is done correctly and save you all the hustle of having to go through the same process again due to poor services and attention. But how are we going to help you? What is so different about leaving it the task to us instead of trying to solve it on your own? Everything.

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We will assess, unclog, and clean your drains

More than just arriving at your property and using the method we have in mind right away; we want to know what is causing the whole problem. Depending on the cause of the blockage, things can be easier, less expensive, and faster for you and us. Also, using certain methods will not work when we are dealing with very specific waste like oil, grease, and hair. All this needs to be determined and decide the best solution without risking further damage to your drains and system.

Luckily, our plumbers and experts are all qualified and experienced to get there and start assessing the problem. But are there really so many things that can cause a blockage? More than you think. Food scraps, hair, and grease as well as soap scum, are the most common reasons behind the problems with your drains. And while we determine which one it is—if not several ones—, we will make sure to assess all the drains and not only the one giving you problems.

When we have finally come out with the waste giving you headaches, we are going to proceed to remove it accordingly. How long will it take? Unclogging drains do not take too much time since we are always equipped and prepared for everything. If it takes more than a few hours, it is because we are most likely dealing with grease and oils that are usually removed by applying substances to solidify them and scrap the material later on. We do not want you to be without your drains for a long time since we know how annoying it can be. But this will also depend on you since the sooner you contact us, the faster you will have the problem solved.

Can you rely on us even when you do not have problems?

Drains always need cleaning even when you are not noticing obvious signs that something is obstructing them. Therefore, you can still get this service, and the process is done when you know it has been a while since they have been cleaned. Especially when you know that a lot of waste has been disposed of in the system.

Our experts at Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands will be waiting for your call or email inquiring about this service. For drain cleaning, you only have to let us know where you are located and we will get there in no time. Although the process of assessing and removing can take a bit of time, we will do our best to finish within an hour at most. And sometimes, we are able to get it done within a few minutes. When you have the right equipment and experience, you know it is possible to finish it in no time.

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