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Needing a sewage system is something basic in every property, but even more in commercial ones when it is not only about you using all the areas that depend on it but also everyone who will access them. Now, aren’t sewage systems supposed to be connected with the property already? In the United States, many people are used to acquiring properties that are connected to the public sewage system of the city. But it is quite common to find some that are lacking in this aspect in particular.

How can this system be missing when it is something essential and unconditional for any commercial building? Well, many reasons show themselves when you think about it:

  • Because the place where the property is located is quite new.
  • The public sewage system does not reach the area.
  • Another sewage system is required to support and manage all the waste generated.
  • It is new construction where everything has to be installed and included.

And the list can continue for a while. But what we want you to know with all this is that you might need to deal with the process of installing one if your commercial building does not have it included. Is it going to be hard? Anything that has to do with sewage will be due to all the work and effort they entail.

However, it is about leaving the task to a professional that can help you to get your system done. But before getting there, do you know which option are you going to install? Septic systems—unlike what most people believe—are quite functional and effective when it comes to big properties. People usually think that septic tanks are not the best option because of the maintenance and future services you will have to perform to ensure the functionality and performance. 

But when you compare them with sewer lines, you notice that they are much easier for controlling the amount of waste that the people generate on the property. As a result, you know the condition and state of your system and can manage it by being more careful. Having this in mind, do you think a septic system is what your property needs? We are more than certain about it. Just make sure of a few things:

  • That the experts installing it can deliver a proper service to ensure functionality and performance. 
  • The size of the tank should be the correct one to avoid future problems and issues with maintenance services. 
  • The professionals handling it must be well-equipped and trained to work with a large-scale project like this. 

Our company Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands can cover all those requirements thanks to the time it has been in business and how much it has improved its services. We know that working with commercial septic systems can be essentially the same compared to residential ones. 

But the work involved and all the steps that have to be taken are more and they require more experience, attention, and equipment. Many sewage companies in the area might not be able to deliver the desired results because they are not prepared enough nor know too much about working with commercial properties. But with us, you will not have to worry about anything.

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How much will it cost to install a commercial septic system?

The cost always varies depending on the size of the tank and how much capacity you need. You might have heard about sizes, numbers, and certain requirements when it comes to other services around your septic tank. But this starts right during the installation since you will have to choose the correct one to avoid having to clean it every year or performing extra services more often than they should. Therefore, we can definitely say that the cost will be determined by the septic system that covers all your needs and requirements.

Is it going to be too expensive? Not too much more than residential ones. Essentially, septic tanks are cheaper than even sewer lines. It is hard to believe since you might think that since the usual lines do not include a tank or other elements, they would be cheaper, and they could. However, you are dealing with more pipes, parts, and a connection that needs to go further your property while a tank can easily be installed in your area alone.

Now, in the long run, it may come with a bit more expenses due to the cleaning and pumping services. But it is nothing to worry about. So, if we have to give you an answer right away, we would say it is not expensive and you can spend around $20.000 to $25.000. But keep in mind the cost also depends on the company you are hiring for the task. With us, Super Simple Septic Solutions of The Woodlands, you will not have to worry about paying a fortune for the system when you can easily access it at an affordable price. Especially because the most expensive part lies in our rates and how much you will have to invest in our experts. We do not want to make it impossible for commercial properties to acquire this so needed system. Therefore, expect the best rates and make sure to contact us right away to get this done.

What about future services?

After the installation, our team will always be available for you to deliver cleaning, maintenance, pumping, and repair services. The first three are always necessary after you have placed your septic system in order to ensure functionality and good performance. However, they will not be required too often since our company will deliver a clean installation.

This will save you a lot of money and time in maintenance and besides, septic tanks usually need it every 3 to 9 years. In the case of commercial ones, it will depend a lot on the average amount of waste you generate yearly. But we can determine this during the first months of assessment included in our services and make sure to be there whenever you need extra solutions.

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